Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring break

The kiddos are back at school this week!!!! We really had a good time over spring break, but it's really nice to be able to get back to my "normal" routine. We also got alot of things accomplished that we've been wanting to work on. We got some of the garden planted. We're even trying blueberries this year (in containers). Hopefully they will grow because the kids will be SO disappointed if they don't. We also went to Six Flags for the day and spent the night in the "big city". They had a ball, but it was SO crowded. :( We were there for 10+ hours and we rode 5 rides. Our longest wait in line was 2 hours :( and that was for.......LUNCH!!!!! I couldn't believe that it was that busy! But, I guess we learned some valuable lessons for next time (if there ever IS a next time).

I've started walking/running every day now. I'm also trying to eat better. I really don't need to lose any weight, I just need to get in shape. I just put on my Sirius hand-held radio, grab my gun and walk for 30+ minutes every morning. This morning I was even lucky enough to get in a walk/hog hunt. As Rio and I came over the hill going to the Canyon Lake pasture, there was a black wild hog rooting up around one of our ponds. I put several in him before he disappeared into the woods. Hopefully he was torn up bad enough that he'll die.*

*I'm not doing this for sport, or for the heck of it, wild hogs are a serious problem around here. They can ruin a pasture in a heartbeat.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

So happy :)

Katie tried out for Jr. High cheerleader today....and MADE the squad! I am so proud of her!!!! She's been working so hard. It's really a joy to see her enjoying something so much. I cheered for 6 years, and I had always hoped that she would show an interest in it. BUT....for the longest (until this summer), she showed absolutely NO interest in it. She was in LOVE with softball. Cheering was for girls, and she proudly considered herself a tomboy. :) This summer her BFF, Bailey, talked her into going to a mini-cheer camp at the high school. She came back from the first day smiling from ear to ear and I knew that she had been sucked in. ;) They tried out this afternoon, and this evening we found out that she made it. I'm really proud of her because 2/3 of the score is by visiting judges, and 1/3 of the score is teacher evaluations. They really stress that the girls should be "leaders" in the classroom and on the field. So it truly is a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y all the way around! :)

Love you, baby girl!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How sweet!

These aren't the best pics in the world, but Rio had her puppies on Sunday so I had to show them off. She ended up having 8, 4 leopard and 4 mostly black.

The kids are SO excited....and I am too, honestly! I can't wait to play with them!!!
We've been really busy around here for the past couple of weeks. I'm trying to get a garden started here by the house, and we've been working on getting the soil ready for sprigging our hay field. It's been so windy, and we've been REALLY needing some rain.....but thank goodness it's raining as I type this. I'm SO glad to hear rain hitting the house. It could rain all day and I wouldn't complain a bit.