Friday, November 28, 2008

Holy cow!!!!

Yesterday I cooked my FIRST EVER Thanksgiving meal all by myself....My Dad and his family came over, and I thought that I was going to be SOOOOOOO prepared. I mean, after all, I had a list! Oh, yes...a list. A pretty little list with times that everything needed to be started, pulled out of the oven, uncovered, etc.....I was going to be SO organized that everything flowed perfectly. There were going to be no "Thanksgiving emergencies" for me. I had this whipped.....Until it got time to start cooking! :) All of the sudden, everything went crazy. My pretty little list ended up with scribbles all over it....and a few tears. I went from calm and prepared in my cute little apron to a limping (I dropped a can on my big toe), scurrying idiot in a matter of seconds. (Which my Mom assures me is normal.)....I think she's just trying to make me feel better! Not only did I drop a can on my toe, but I also burned the back of my wrist on the oven.....

BUT......It turned out really good! :) All of the craziness, bruises and blisters were completely worth it! Hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Life has been crazy around here lately.....We started calving on Oct. 28th. This is my favorite time of the year (definitely NOT because of the weather) because of the babies...I can't wait to check cows every morning to see if we're going to have anyone calve that day. I love the every aspect of it....I love the newborns, of course. I mean is there anything cuter?! I love watching the mamas be so protective and watching nature take it's course. I love watching the babies play on an early cool morning when they are feeling really good. They buck and kick and aggravate each other (and their mamas). It's been a nice break from all of the rest of the craziness that's been going on lately. We've had some problems on the bus that happened to Kyle that I've had to go to the school over....MAJOR problems that I'm still really pissed about, but I'm giving the school first chance, and I could possibly even have to get the law involved :( Katie's been working on her science fair project, but we turned that in this morning :) I hope that she does well....She has worked her BUTT off on that project. Korey has been to the doctor because of a stomach issue and he's been on medicine the past week and a half...If the meds don't clear it up, we may have to go to a GI specialist :( Not to mention that my "extended" family situation is not the best right now, so I'm wondering how the holidays are going to be.....When it rains, it pours, I suppose....."That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger", right?!?! Surely there's a light at the end of the tunnel soon. If I don't post after this, you'll know that everything got the best of me ;)