Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My adoring public :)

Well, I'm alive...so far. We've survived the stomach virus and the flu in the past couple of weeks....It's SO good to feel good again!!!! Yesterday morning started off pretty cool, but it ended up being a gorgeous afternoon. We got a half inch of rain Sunday night, but we still need more. The grass situation is pretty much non-existent. We've been feeding hay & cubes, alternating daily between the two.

I went to get a ton of cubes yesterday, and this is what I came home to.....It's so nice to be wanted! :)

Everyone was SO happy to see me! ;)

This was my workout for the day! :) I miss my husband SO much on these days! When he's here, I throw bags down from the truck and he stacks. He stacks perfectly in the barn....It always looks so nice.

This is my stacking job.....not NEARLY as good as his, but I got it done! :)

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The Sikorski family said...

I understand. With Nathan out of commission, I have been having to tote the feed myself, too. I used to do it all the time before Josey came, but it is difficult now with her.