Monday, January 26, 2009


Katie came home with the stomach virus Friday morning around 9:00. I took care of her and kept her quarantined all weekend. I thought that things were pretty safe Sunday evening, so she ate her first "regular" meal.....and it came up around 10:00 pm. :( Also, to make things even more interesting around here, my 8 year old flooded the bathroom and part of the hallway while he was "cleaning" the bathtub to help me out.....Gee, thanks, sweetheart!!! :) Terry started coming down with the flu last night, and this morning around 10:00, Kyle called from school and said that he had an upset stomach and couldn't stay out of the bathroom for longer than 15 minutes at a time.......This was right after I had just screwed up both hydraulic cylinders on the tractor while hurrying to unroll a bale of hay this morning......So now I have a sick husband, 2 sick kiddos, a broken tractor AND I'm still trying to get the carpet dry in the hallway. If anyone needs me, I'll be hunting for a bottle of Crown (and I don't even DRINK.....Normally!). :)


Trey Hubley said...

Good luck Tammy! I'll go ahead and open up a bottle for you after work tonight. Hope the stomach bug leaves your home quickly and doesn't make a return visit.

The Sikorski family said...

Hey- found your blog by way of Lacy's. Your life sounds like mine now- have had a baby with RSV (bad cold) and my husband who works cows for a living just broke his leg. Check out my blog.

Laney (Baker) Sikorski